As a financial advisor and the founder of RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit, Kimra Bettasso has established herself as one of the most sought-after advisors in the investment industry. Her company has assisted many clients in securing their financial futures through sound investment strategies, and the services provided by the company have been hailed for simplifying concepts and information that had previously been perceived as somewhat inaccessible. Through RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit, Kim Bettasso has created an investment firm that provides a valued service that benefits all members of the workforce, from those who are just beginning their professional careers to those who are nearing retirement.

Kim Bettasso has always been an advocate of providing needed access to educational services, founding her company after realizing that there was a dearth of accessible information on 401K investment strategies and on how to create an individualized long-term investment plan that could yield the type of financial security that lasts throughout retirement. The exceptionally diligent efforts of Kim Bettasso include the creation of multimedia platforms through which clients can access simplified investment strategies, and the company even hosts a YouTube channel in which a variety of topics are addressed and are accessible at any time, from any location.

Before founding RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit, Kim Bettasso enjoyed a long and prosperous career in finance. She is an expert with regard to long-term investment strategies, and her clients and colleagues alike have all offered the highest of praise for Ms. Bettasso’s impressive acumen and insight with regard to finance and investing. Despite having established a strong foothold in the industry, Ms. Bettasso saw a great need for the type of services she now offers through RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit. She founded the company after recognizing that there were far too many professionals in the workforce who were failing to properly position themselves for long-term financial security through their company’s 401K plan or through their own personal investments.

Though Ms. Bettasso’s accomplishments as a financial advisor and as an entrepreneur are quite vast, she is just as well known for her volunteer efforts and her charitable endeavors. She supports a number of important causes through financial contributions and by volunteering her time whenever she is able. Whether it is education, animal welfare or human rights, Ms. Bettasso has expressed a continued commitment to assisting these vital causes in any way she is able.

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  1. My brother-in-law went to school to be a financial advisor just like Kim Bettasso. The stories he would tell me make it sound like highly demanding work. Hats of to you ma’am!

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