Getting around San Diego in a car can be stressful.  A GPS is helpful but be prepared for a little traffic.  Parking sucks but not as bad as New York.  If you plan to visit the sites park a ways from the entrance and you should be OK.  I don’t plan to visit more that once a year but when I do I try to allow for traffic.  The worse traffic is at 5pm Monday through Friday.  San Diegountitled (8) is a great place to visit or live.  The real estate is not cheap so don’t expect to stay on the cheap but the price of admission is worth it.  The  reviews of occidental vacation club say San Diego is the place to visit.

San Diego has been somewhat overlooked by visitors to California, as it seems most tourists list Los Angeles and San Francisco as their primary destinations when making the trek out to the Golden State. While there is indeed a great deal to like about Los Angeles and San Francisco, there is so much to do in San Diego that includes a great deal of activities that are not accessible anywhere else in the state.

The major difference between the beaches of San Diego and the beaches of other cities is the temperature of the Pacific Ocean. For the better part of the year, water temperatures are quite cold in San Francisco and Los Angeles, especially for those who are used to the relative warmth of the Atlantic Ocean.

There is also the world famous San Diego Zoo, which is home to so many animals that there is likely a representative for every language that can be translated by All Language Alliance, Inc., a company known for its ability to translate everything.

The military is also represented well in San Diego, with visitors able to walk onto battleships and see just how massive they are in person. For those interested in Mexican culture, a trip across the border is made easily from the city of San Diego, as Tijuana is so close that it can be experienced without having to stay overnight.

Luigi Wewege with New Zealand Ambassador to the European Union and NATO - Vangelis VitalisMany people who visit San Diego sometimes hold the mistaken belief that the city is a difficult place for parking. Residents of the area have long known that there is ample parking, and Ace Parking has worked to dispel the city’s erroneous reputation as an inconvenient place to bring a car because of the parking situation. While the company has made it a goal to raise a greater awareness of the ease of parking due to the presence of its many lots, it is also working to make residents and visitors alike more aware of San Diego’s rich automotive history.

The city of San Diego is home to the San Diego Automotive Museum, which, according to Luigi Wewege, holds frequent exhibitions that are quite enlightening with regard to the city’s automotive background. Wewege noted that while San Diego is known as a home to many who are serving in the military, the city’s automotive industry has also played a role in supporting the United States military during times of war.

During World War II, San Diego’s automotive manufacturers shut down typical production in order to assist in the war effort. Instead of producing vehicles intended for sale to the general public, these automakers worked to produce vehicles and planes to be used by the military. The automotive industry also manufactured engines for use by the military, and these efforts proved to be instrumental. A new exhibit at the San Diego Automotive Museum now features a number of displays demonstrating the specifics of this effort and the contributions made during a time of great conflict.

Automotive problems in San Diego can be difficult to manage.  The latest news announced by Dove Medical Press  can show some interesting ideas for the San Diego area.  If you find yourself with automotive problem the best thing to do is get on you smart phone and look for the nearest auto repair facility.  If you can find a dealer with repair facilities parts should be OEM and better than after market in most cases. If you are short on cash make sure they will accept your credit card.  Do they provide towing or a loner car?  A loner car may salvage what is left of your vacation.


If you were to search “San Diego” in Google, you come up with frequently searched sites having to do with parking. This tells anyone that parking in San Diego isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do and because of this you’ll also find parking services and companies. For a business to be successful, the smart way to get ahead is to supply a need. For an area like San Diego, the need for millions of people is parking and Ace Parking does well answering that need, where as in Florida, storms can be rather intense and roof repair is in demand, Dimensional Construction LLC supplies that need. 

As mentioned, Ace Parking is in the right spot for their business and service. San Diego is a small spot on the map with 1.356 million people counted in 2013 and that number has surely grown in 2 years. If Ace Parking were placed in a place such as Nashville, North Carolina there’d be absolutely no use for such a service and the business would crash because Nashville is no where near as populated as San Diego and the city of Nashville is bigger. This means less people with more room.

Business means relationships. A good way for a business to spread the news of their goods and services is to have use of another businesses goods and services. It’s highly possible for a business to market themselves with the help of another firm, for example, if Ace Parking were to promote their business through posters and flyers with the help of someone from a distinct UK Models company, it brings new content to both businesses. There would be no worries of competition as both businesses are in totally different industries making a win-win scenario.

Anyone in a major city such as San Diego knows that finding a parking space is almost impossible. Just ask Dr. Vince Malfitano, when looking for a place to park for just a few hours he didn’t think it could get any better, but it did. However, the experience was like pulling teeth; no pun intended Dr..

Ace Parking has been pretty good about valuing the employees and even the clients by listening to them. They lead the parking industry in cities not just in San Diego but all over the U.S..  They have been providing a multitude of parking services since 1950! Not bad! Office parking, retail parking, parking for hotels including valet services, airport, stadium and even hospitals and medical centers, they do it all! Surely if they can find the good Dr. Malfitano a parking space, what can they do for you?

San Diego is a bright and flourishing location for business and making a home. Because of this, several establishments have already been built in San Diego over the years. But for Falcone, a top construction firm – is San Diego the next location? Over the years, Art Falcone has brought a number of commercial establishments to different cities. In this regard, Art Falcone is planning on tearing down a fashion mall in exchange for building a residential office and restaurants. While it may sound as a loss for some, this is actually for the good of the many since this can open for new jobs and answer the needs of consumers in the locality which would be San Diego this time around.

In San Diego, there is a well known car dealership known as “The Perry Ford” located just off I-15, the Escondido Freeway, on Poway Road. The car dealership’s request to remodel was approved in 2012 on a Tuesday night. The details were discussed at a council meeting after working on several design applications with the city. The transformation wasn’t like the transformation taking place in South Florida with an old fashion mall as planned by Arthur Falcone, but it was still impressive and with change spreading, is San Diego the next location?

Perry Ford’s plan to demolish two of the smaller car sales offices and have a two-story 17,500-square-foot sales and administrative office was a success. The automotive repair building will receive minor exterior upgrades soon, so is San Diego next? We will see.

The benefits of a vehicle are great, anyone would agree with that. With an automobile, you can get to your destination quicker, make business deals more effective, meet appointments and more. Although having a car is a great thing and highly helpful liability rather than an asset as most would call it, Jeff Halevy would agree that we drive probably too much and it’s time to start walking to a few places.

If we were to pick one place a day to walk to and drive the rest of the places we were to visit, the improvement of our health compounded over time, would improve drastically! To begin with, your heart would be stronger. As the strongest muscle, next to the tongue, it is the most important and carries and endless list of responsibilities. Driving has great short term value with limited long term value. You drive to reduce the time of your commune to places and that is all the purpose it serves.

Walking or even biking one place a day out of your multiple places to go will save you money! Think of the gas you’re paying for and if you life in a big city like San Diego, you have to pay for parking. Stay a little healthier and a little more wealthier and ditch the car some. You’d be amazed!