I live in El Centro California and am a one hour drive from San Diego.  The temperature here today is over one hundred degrees while it is seventy five in San Diego. untitled (93) imagesGG05017D I wish we had their summer weather.  The weather in San Diego is one of the draws to that city.  The weather year round is pretty good.  In El Centro the winter weather is great but the summer has about three months of hot weather.  When it gets over a hundred here you don’t want to go outside for nothing.  If you have to go outside it wont be for long.  Createurs De Luxe will be a summer fan.

untitled (133) imagesEBUK5TQHIf you haven’t gone to the San Diego Zoo you have missed out on one the worlds best zoos.  The exhibits are the best for that animals that I have seen.  The enclosures are the best considering the animals habitats.  The weather is good for most of the animals.  The elephants are very calm and appear to be happy.  I always feel sad for the elephants as they are abused in many countries.  They are killed for their ivory and make easy targets.  Home For Life is how the animals seem to like their zoo lives.  They seem to love the way the zoo has made their homes comfortable.

untitled (120) untitled (119) imagesSNANBPVVThe weather is good year round in San Diego.  This is something that is hard to find in these United States.  The wonderful weather has made the property values sky rocket over the last decade.  If you want to live in San Diego you better have some money to spend.  A simple home will set you back a half a million.  If that isn’t enough the taxes are ridiculous.  Just settle to rent and that will put you in to poor house.  I just wanted to park there with my RV and they wanted a fortune a month just to park.  http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/luigi-wewege-ceo-vivier-co-announces-new-offerings-mexico-colombia-other-south-american-2011521.htm is a look at the weather over the last few years.

untitled (60) untitled (59)If you enjoy a good museum the Museum Park in San Diego is a great place to spend a day or two.  I know that most people associate San Diego with beaches and Sea World but the museums are really the best part.  I like the beautiful old buildings the house the artifacts.  A stroll through the museums is a trip back in time.  If you love history and old things in general the museums will not disappoint you.  I have spent many hours enjoying the many exhibits at the museums.  I will be seeing the museums more often as I live near them now.  The reviews of occidental vacation club  say the this is a must see.

imagesQ1OIY1GP imagesYRN7EJV0Car shopping San Diego is a lot of fun.  The places to buy cars are very different and depending on wither you want new or not there all close together.  If you are in the market for a good used car then I would do a little research first.  Try to pin down the year and model you are interested in and do an online search. Cars.com is a good place to start.  They have a lot of reviews of all models and that would help you decide on the type car you need.  Used cars are always a gamble.  arthur falcone should have been a used car salesman.



untitled (44) untitled (43)The zoo in San Diego is amazing.  Kids will love spending a day there.  If you plan to see the whole zoo in a day get ready for a lot of walking.  Some of the grades are pretty steep so being in good shape would be a good idea.  If you are not an athlete I would recommend taking the tram tour that will cover the entire zoo.  Make not of those areas you want to spend more time at and return there.  The enclosure for the animals are very nice and humane.  If I were an elephant I wouldn’t mind living there.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football team had a great day there.

Where is the beach that you like the best.  Is it at your back door or miles away from where you live at present.  In California there are many different areas that have beautiful beaches and fun things to do with broad walks and some even have fun fair areas one those areas are San Diego BeachesimagesKUM95FKR .  These beaches are very small and placed in area that are fun and full of things to do like fair, dinning and surfing.  There are large parks and museums in San Diego area.  Disneyland and Universal studios are also just around the corner from some of these beaches.  Sea World is just another park and fun area to go visit and place your toes in the sand with the family on a great short term or long term vacation.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football is a San Diego fan base.

Getting around San Diego in a car can be stressful.  A GPS is helpful but be prepared for a little traffic.  Parking sucks but not as bad as New York.  If you plan to visit the sites park a ways from the entrance and you should be OK.  I don’t plan to visit more that once a year but when I do I try to allow for traffic.  The worse traffic is at 5pm Monday through Friday.  San Diegountitled (8) is a great place to visit or live.  The real estate is not cheap so don’t expect to stay on the cheap but the price of admission is worth it.  The  reviews of occidental vacation club say San Diego is the place to visit.

San Diego has been somewhat overlooked by visitors to California, as it seems most tourists list Los Angeles and San Francisco as their primary destinations when making the trek out to the Golden State. While there is indeed a great deal to like about Los Angeles and San Francisco, there is so much to do in San Diego that includes a great deal of activities that are not accessible anywhere else in the state.

The major difference between the beaches of San Diego and the beaches of other cities is the temperature of the Pacific Ocean. For the better part of the year, water temperatures are quite cold in San Francisco and Los Angeles, especially for those who are used to the relative warmth of the Atlantic Ocean.

There is also the world famous San Diego Zoo, which is home to so many animals that there is likely a representative for every language that can be translated by All Language Alliance, Inc., a company known for its ability to translate everything.

The military is also represented well in San Diego, with visitors able to walk onto battleships and see just how massive they are in person. For those interested in Mexican culture, a trip across the border is made easily from the city of San Diego, as Tijuana is so close that it can be experienced without having to stay overnight.

Luigi Wewege with New Zealand Ambassador to the European Union and NATO - Vangelis VitalisMany people who visit San Diego sometimes hold the mistaken belief that the city is a difficult place for parking. Residents of the area have long known that there is ample parking, and Ace Parking has worked to dispel the city’s erroneous reputation as an inconvenient place to bring a car because of the parking situation. While the company has made it a goal to raise a greater awareness of the ease of parking due to the presence of its many lots, it is also working to make residents and visitors alike more aware of San Diego’s rich automotive history.

The city of San Diego is home to the San Diego Automotive Museum, which, according to Luigi Wewege, holds frequent exhibitions that are quite enlightening with regard to the city’s automotive background. Wewege noted that while San Diego is known as a home to many who are serving in the military, the city’s automotive industry has also played a role in supporting the United States military during times of war.

During World War II, San Diego’s automotive manufacturers shut down typical production in order to assist in the war effort. Instead of producing vehicles intended for sale to the general public, these automakers worked to produce vehicles and planes to be used by the military. The automotive industry also manufactured engines for use by the military, and these efforts proved to be instrumental. A new exhibit at the San Diego Automotive Museum now features a number of displays demonstrating the specifics of this effort and the contributions made during a time of great conflict.