untitled (60) untitled (59)If you enjoy a good museum the Museum Park in San Diego is a great place to spend a day or two.  I know that most people associate San Diego with beaches and Sea World but the museums are really the best part.  I like the beautiful old buildings the house the artifacts.  A stroll through the museums is a trip back in time.  If you love history and old things in general the museums will not disappoint you.  I have spent many hours enjoying the many exhibits at the museums.  I will be seeing the museums more often as I live near them now.  The reviews of occidental vacation club  say the this is a must see.

Where is the beach that you like the best.  Is it at your back door or miles away from where you live at present.  In California there are many different areas that have beautiful beaches and fun things to do with broad walks and some even have fun fair areas one those areas are San Diego BeachesimagesKUM95FKR .  These beaches are very small and placed in area that are fun and full of things to do like fair, dinning and surfing.  There are large parks and museums in San Diego area.  Disneyland and Universal studios are also just around the corner from some of these beaches.  Sea World is just another park and fun area to go visit and place your toes in the sand with the family on a great short term or long term vacation.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football is a San Diego fan base.

Automotive problems in San Diego can be difficult to manage.  The latest news announced by Dove Medical Press  can show some interesting ideas for the San Diego area.  If you find yourself with automotive problem the best thing to do is get on you smart phone and look for the nearest auto repair facility.  If you can find a dealer with repair facilities parts should be OEM and better than after market in most cases. If you are short on cash make sure they will accept your credit card.  Do they provide towing or a loner car?  A loner car may salvage what is left of your vacation.

Ace Parking is attempting to do its part to further promote the use of the so-called green technologies by adding electric vehicle charging stations to a number of their locations. The announcement comes amid increasing demand for a better nationwide infrastructure for these types of vehicles. There are many organizations and individuals that wish to see a shift in the types of fuels consumers use for travel, moving away from the established fossil fuels and toward more renewable energy sources.


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