Dr raouf farag automotive safetyWhen it comes to automobiles and child safety, it has been pointed out with relative frequency that many of the requirements mandated by law represent nothing more than a minimal standard. That may not be all that comforting to parents who may mistakenly believe that existing legislated requirements are emblematic of best practices in terms of child safety rather than a bare minimum, and it’s certainly not uncommon for parents to believe that the government would have a rather large incentive to mandate a fairly lofty standard when it comes to the safety of children.

Dr. Raouf Farag, an obstetrician practicing out of Gosford, New South Wales, has previously expressed concern regarding this fact, especially when it comes to the level of surprise he has seen in patients who find out about best practices regarding child safety measures for automobiles and the fairly sizable disconnect between those practices and the requirements set forth by law. Whether these measures relate to age and size guidelines for rearward-facing car seats or other in-car safety features, Dr. Farag has found that there is a troubling degree of confusion among even the most well-intentioned parents he has spoken to over the years.

This is part of the reason why it is important for enhanced automobile safety legislation to be thoughtfully considered. Not only is enhancing current standards a means of addressing a critical public health and safety issue, but it is also a way to clearly inform parents regarding the best practices available to them to ensure the safety of their children. When it comes to a safety issue such as this, there really is no room for confusion.

Dr. Farag shared that while he has made every effort to inform his patients regarding the best way to protect their young children, he also noted that there are still so many others who wish to always do the most they possibly can to protect their children yet simply remain unaware that the standard represents an absolute minimum. Raising those standards toreflect best practices is just one of the many ways children can enjoy a greater degree of safety while traveling in a car.

I live in El Centro California and am a one hour drive from San Diego.  The temperature here today is over one hundred degrees while it is seventy five in San Diego. untitled (93) imagesGG05017D I wish we had their summer weather.  The weather in San Diego is one of the draws to that city.  The weather year round is pretty good.  In El Centro the winter weather is great but the summer has about three months of hot weather.  When it gets over a hundred here you don’t want to go outside for nothing.  If you have to go outside it wont be for long.  Createurs De Luxe will be a summer fan.

untitled (120) untitled (119) imagesSNANBPVVThe weather is good year round in San Diego.  This is something that is hard to find in these United States.  The wonderful weather has made the property values sky rocket over the last decade.  If you want to live in San Diego you better have some money to spend.  A simple home will set you back a half a million.  If that isn’t enough the taxes are ridiculous.  Just settle to rent and that will put you in to poor house.  I just wanted to park there with my RV and they wanted a fortune a month just to park.  http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/luigi-wewege-ceo-vivier-co-announces-new-offerings-mexico-colombia-other-south-american-2011521.htm is a look at the weather over the last few years.

imagesQ1OIY1GP imagesYRN7EJV0Car shopping San Diego is a lot of fun.  The places to buy cars are very different and depending on wither you want new or not there all close together.  If you are in the market for a good used car then I would do a little research first.  Try to pin down the year and model you are interested in and do an online search. Cars.com is a good place to start.  They have a lot of reviews of all models and that would help you decide on the type car you need.  Used cars are always a gamble.  arthur falcone should have been a used car salesman.



untitled (44) untitled (43)The zoo in San Diego is amazing.  Kids will love spending a day there.  If you plan to see the whole zoo in a day get ready for a lot of walking.  Some of the grades are pretty steep so being in good shape would be a good idea.  If you are not an athlete I would recommend taking the tram tour that will cover the entire zoo.  Make not of those areas you want to spend more time at and return there.  The enclosure for the animals are very nice and humane.  If I were an elephant I wouldn’t mind living there.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football team had a great day there.

Getting around San Diego in a car can be stressful.  A GPS is helpful but be prepared for a little traffic.  Parking sucks but not as bad as New York.  If you plan to visit the sites park a ways from the entrance and you should be OK.  I don’t plan to visit more that once a year but when I do I try to allow for traffic.  The worse traffic is at 5pm Monday through Friday.  San Diegountitled (8) is a great place to visit or live.  The real estate is not cheap so don’t expect to stay on the cheap but the price of admission is worth it.  The  reviews of occidental vacation club say San Diego is the place to visit.

Automotive problems in San Diego can be difficult to manage.  The latest news announced by Dove Medical Press  can show some interesting ideas for the San Diego area.  If you find yourself with automotive problem the best thing to do is get on you smart phone and look for the nearest auto repair facility.  If you can find a dealer with repair facilities parts should be OEM and better than after market in most cases. If you are short on cash make sure they will accept your credit card.  Do they provide towing or a loner car?  A loner car may salvage what is left of your vacation.

In San Diego, there is a well known car dealership known as “The Perry Ford” located just off I-15, the Escondido Freeway, on Poway Road. The car dealership’s request to remodel was approved in 2012 on a Tuesday night. The details were discussed at a council meeting after working on several design applications with the city. The transformation wasn’t like the transformation taking place in South Florida with an old fashion mall as planned by Arthur Falcone, but it was still impressive and with change spreading, is San Diego the next location?

Perry Ford’s plan to demolish two of the smaller car sales offices and have a two-story 17,500-square-foot sales and administrative office was a success. The automotive repair building will receive minor exterior upgrades soon, so is San Diego next? We will see.

The benefits of a vehicle are great, anyone would agree with that. With an automobile, you can get to your destination quicker, make business deals more effective, meet appointments and more. Although having a car is a great thing and highly helpful liability rather than an asset as most would call it, Jeff Halevy would agree that we drive probably too much and it’s time to start walking to a few places.

If we were to pick one place a day to walk to and drive the rest of the places we were to visit, the improvement of our health compounded over time, would improve drastically! To begin with, your heart would be stronger. As the strongest muscle, next to the tongue, it is the most important and carries and endless list of responsibilities. Driving has great short term value with limited long term value. You drive to reduce the time of your commune to places and that is all the purpose it serves.

Walking or even biking one place a day out of your multiple places to go will save you money! Think of the gas you’re paying for and if you life in a big city like San Diego, you have to pay for parking. Stay a little healthier and a little more wealthier and ditch the car some. You’d be amazed!