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When a person is injured in an accident, injury law or tort law is usually applied to determine liability, eligibility for compensation and the amount of compensation. Besides personal injury, according to Legal Match, tort law also covers property damage and privacy rights cases. It is important to understand that the statutes and guidelines of the law defer from one state to the other. Some of the elements of the tort law specifically tied to the state of California include the California Tort Claims Act, Reckless Misconduct Provisions, Comparative Negligence and the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA). Under the provisions of the California Tort Claims Act, individuals can make successful claims against the government, if the same is lodged in accordance with the set directions and timeframes. With regards to Reckless Misconduct Provisions, California and other states generally classify tort violations as either caused by negligence or premeditated acts.

What should you do after a car accident in San Diego?

Statistics indicate that the highest number of car accidents involving motorists in San Diego is caused by speeding, improper turning, and failure to yield. When you are involved in an auto accident, there is a well-laid procedure to follow. According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and assess the accident site. Once you are calm and collected, evaluate your condition and find out if there are injured persons at the scene. If you not seriously injured and can leave your car, do so gently and make sure the car engine and other operating accessories are turned off. If there are injured people at the scene, call for medical assistance immediately. Once this is done, call 911 to alert the police or highway patrol about the incident.

When making the emergency call, be sure to give the correct location of the accident and explain the exact situation on the ground to help emergency services determine whether an ambulance or fire engine are necessary. Before leaving the site, remember to exchange important information with the parties involved in the accident such as drivers and passengers. The information includes name, phone number, address, insurance and policy number. Regarding the other car involved in the accident, get details concerning the license plate number, make, model and color of the vehicle. To facilitate investigations, try as much as possible to give an accurate picture of the event without forgetting the date and the road and weather conditions at the time.

If possible, take a photo of the crash scene and record the damages that you see. If you are asked to write a police report, be very specific with your answers. According to, the police department in the county only responds to injuries resulting from a hit and run accidents. However, accident victims are encouraged to make their reports to the nearest police substation. The insurance company must also be notified of the accident. When you report an accident to your insurance company, you will also be asked to fill a report of the crash. This report is important in facilitating claims and getting your vehicle replaced or repaired. You can get in touch with the San Diego Police Department to report non-emergency cases on the phone number (619) 531 2000.

Winters and Yonkers Law Firm

A car accident can cause serious personal injury, which may lead to loss of wages, pain and suffering, ill health and other debilitating effects. Getting in touch with a trusted personal injury lawyer is highly recommended after an accident. The lawyer will help you handle the paperwork; offer emotional support and more importantly, get you through the legal hurdles. If you live in Florida, the Tampa, Florida based Winters and Yonkers law firm are committed to protecting your rights by ensuring the entire claim process remains less stressful and reassuring. The cases handled by personal injury attorney Tampa include vehicle accidents, severe injury accidents, and premises liability. The aggressive legal team can handle all types of injury claims including:

• Wrongful death
• Brain injury
• Soft tissue injury
• Lacerations
• Spinal cord injury among other injuries

As part of extended assistance, the lawyers will review your medical records and help you find well-qualified, local physicians, even if you have a limited insurance cover. Winters and Yonkers attorneys will not charge you any fees unless you collect. The team of personal injury attorneys includes Patrick Brannon, Trevor Colvin, Christopher Smith and Mathew Brown. You can get in touch with personal injury attorney Tampa today or any other time to schedule a free initial consultation by phone at (813) 223 6200 or online.