Rocco Basile Discusses San Diego Construction Opportunities


If you are an expert in the construction industry and would like to explore more, San Diego offers you amazing opportunities that can help you to achieve the goals you have about your career. Most people are not able to choose the right opportunities because they lack information that can help them make a decision.

Rocco Basile is among professionals whose influence in the construction industry has helped to advance its growth and he offers his ideas to help professionals land jobs in San Diego while also ensuring they make the best choices. Rocco Basile owns a company called Avo Construction, which works on projects posted by clients in the construction industry. He talks about construction opportunities you can browse in San Diego.

Project manager
Virtually all construction projects come with this requirement. If you have prior experience managing people in the construction process then you will easily get a job in San Diego. The work of a project manager involves working to see that all projects are completed on time and following the quality requirements specified at initial planning. There are many jobs listed on job sites that call for project managers, so you can apply to few of them and chances are high you will land the opportunity in few days if you have prior experience.


Landscaping is part of many projects that requires the input of workers. If you also run a company that does landscaping, you can negotiate with different construction companies to get deals to design and work on enhancing the beauty of the environment on which a house is built. There are hundreds of landscaping opportunities in San Diego, both for individual contractors and companies. The most common requirement is experience not less than one year, so if you have been working on landscaping projects before you stand higher chances.

Delivery driver
Every construction site needs timely supply of construction materials and fixtures, and this is the work of a driver and assistant appointed to make deliveries. You could also narrow down your search for a job on this criterion especially if you have previously worked on a similar role. You can easily land such an opportunity as there are many large projects in San Diego that require the help of a driver. You only need to prove that you have the experience and skills needed to offer good service.

Millwork estimator
If you have strong business, communication and computer skills, this is the job for you. You can easily find opportunities in this area and most of the companies looking will ask that you prove you have at least an Associate’s Degree in Construction Management. Having prior working experience will also increase your chances of getting approved for the job. San Diego offers you an array of choices, so it is necessary to browse through different adverts to see the ones that most perfectly match with your skills. Remember every company offers a unique rate and you can negotiate on what you feel is perfect for you.