Veteran Travelers Recognize the Vegas Alternative Available in Laughlin, Nevada

When it comes to name recognition, veteran travelers will not argue the fact that Las Vegas is among the most well known and easily identifiable destinations worldwide. Even the tagline from Las Vegas’ immensely popular ad campaign resulted in a phrase that has become so pervasive that it is now viewed as something of a cliché, so it likely goes without saying that Laughlin is not quite ready to contend for the crown of Nevada’s most recognizable travel destination. Despite lacking the name recognition of Vegas, however, veteran travelers have long known that Laughlin boasts a number of attractions that not only equal but also exceed those of Las Vegas.

Nestled alongside the Colorado River, this excellent Vegas alternative benefits from the laughlin nv bus tours that bring in the shrewdest of travelers on a daily basis. With establishments such as the Aquarius, Harrah’s and the Laughlin River Lodge providing an outstanding gaming experience, visitors to the town are treated to plentiful opportunities available at rates that are far superior to those found in Las Vegas. For those who visit Laughlin on a regular basis, it always comes as a surprise that other travelers have not yet caught on to the fact that this jewel of a destination has so very much to offer.

Visitors are not just able to save on expenses in Laughlin, but they are also able to enjoy a wider variety of activities and attractions as well. In addition to the gaming and nightlife found in Laughlin, the city is also home to plenty of outdoor activities that make use of the Colorado River. Visitors often see the river via kayak or get around by using the water taxis, while others enjoy jet boat tours or spend an evening on a dinner cruise. Fishing is also available to visitors, and those interested in exploring nature frequently take advantage of the city’s proximity to Big Bend State Park and Grapevine Canyon.

It is not often that a trip to Laughlin results in a complaint, but if there is one common issue that springs up it is the fact that it is hard to find time to properly enjoy everything the city has to offer. This is why so many first-time visitors make immediate plans to return to Laughlin in the future since it is so difficult to fully take in the city the first time around. With exciting nightlife and plenty of daytime recreational opportunities, visitors from San Diego to Sydney are beginning to find out why so many veteran travelers greatly prefer Laughlin to Las Vegas.