I deal with people every day in San Deigo and from the masses, I can tell you that nearly everyone is the same with a gloomy outlook on life. San Diego is a pretty large and busy city, much like New York City, where people walk around going about their daily lives, seeing things with their own two eyes, but not really paying attention. The best example of this that I can think of is if there is someone who is in need on the street. People look and see it, but continue to go about their own way without lending a helping hand.

Just the other day I was struggling with a mountain of presents I had perfectly wrapped and was trying and failing to carry them all out to my car. A man whom I have seen before around the city just in passing saw that I was struggling with the mountain of about 10 presents. He was on the phone, perhaps doing business from the sound of his conversation as he walked down the sidewalk. “Hey, I’m going to have to call you back. I’ll only be a moment.” he said as he began rushing to my aid.

Such an act of kindness is rare these days, and understandably so. I once heard of a man who became aggressive toward people who were trying to help him, so such kindness is thrown out through the window out of fear and protection of our own safety.

Ian Leaf was the name of the kind gentleman who ended his very important phone call to help out me, a total stranger in need of another set of hands. Thank you Mr. Leaf and a Merry Christmas to you should we ever encounter each other again. There are still some kind souls in San Diego.