A Car Is Great, But Walk Instead

The benefits of a vehicle are great, anyone would agree with that. With an automobile, you can get to your destination quicker, make business deals more effective, meet appointments and more. Although having a car is a great thing and highly helpful liability rather than an asset as most would call it, Jeff Halevy would agree that we drive probably too much and it’s time to start walking to a few places.

If we were to pick one place a day to walk to and drive the rest of the places we were to visit, the improvement of our health compounded over time, would improve drastically! To begin with, your heart would be stronger. As the strongest muscle, next to the tongue, it is the most important and carries and endless list of responsibilities. Driving has great short term value with limited long term value. You drive to reduce the time of your commune to places and that is all the purpose it serves.

Walking or even biking one place a day out of your multiple places to go will save you money! Think of the gas you’re paying for and if you life in a big city like San Diego, you have to pay for parking. Stay a little healthier and a little more wealthier and ditch the car some. You’d be amazed!

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