There are few things that most people can universally agree upon, but it seems like it would be a near-impossible task to find someone who did not wish to improve their physical fitness or get into better shape. Even the most fit among us are likely to feel like there is still plenty of room for improvement, and it is likewise the case that those whose lifestyle could be accurately considered sedentary want to begin exercising more for improved health.

The desire to engage in more physical activity or more effective physical activity is not enough to accomplish the kind of change these individuals are seeking, however, as there must also be an understanding of how to go about making the lifestyle changes that lead to enhanced fitness. For residents of San Diego, the opportunities for improved health are numerous and varied, making it quite an ideal location for individuals of all fitness levels.

There are difficulties for individuals on both ends of the spectrum. For those already at a level of advanced fitness, encountering a training plateau can be quite a common and frustrating development. On the other hand, those who are trying to become more active find it difficult to adhere to a training program or attempt to do far more than is reasonable for their current level of fitness. While the problems are quite different, the solution for both situations may be quite similar.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice can be taken from the work of Ken Fisher, who would likely advocate for seeking creative and unique solutions to these kinds of problems. The physically fit individuals who have encountered a plateau benefit from differentiation, as the body’s natural adaptive response is best stimulated through a variety of different activities. After a certain amount of time spent in the weight room following a specific routine, there begins to be a diminishing return compared to the degree of effort being expended. Through a shift to a different type of workout, fitness gains can continue unimpeded by natural adaptive processes.

In San Diego, there are a number of ways that the physically fit can challenge themselves in ways that allow for a breakthrough of any training plateau. Surfing is a full body workout that can easily be practiced in the area, and the consistently outstanding weather means that explosive exercises that incorporate nature can also be pursued on a daily basis. If nothing else, this type of training change provides a mental break that can reinvigorate experienced fitness enthusiasts who have encountered a training rut.

Sedentary individuals face a host of other obstacles to physical fitness gains, and many of the traditional options represent a mental hurdle as well. For someone who has never used fitness equipment and does not understand proper training methods, a trip to the gym can act as a further deterrent. Instead, individuals who are looking to improve their level of fitness should consider venturing outside and making use of the many fitness opportunities that are available throughout the San Diego area. Walking, cycling and tennis are all excellent and accessible ways to get started on a fitness program, and the beautiful weather makes it much more likely that this will be an activity that will be consistently adopted for improved health and wellness.

With frequent sunshine and relatively pleasant year-round temperatures, anyone looking to get in better shape would be wise to simply head outdoors. Whether it is through activities like surfing that require a bit of skill development or through activities like walking or cycling that anyone can engage in at a moment’s notice, San Diego is clearly an ideal environment for those seeking improved fitness.

I deal with people every day in San Deigo and from the masses, I can tell you that nearly everyone is the same with a gloomy outlook on life. San Diego is a pretty large and busy city, much like New York City, where people walk around going about their daily lives, seeing things with their own two eyes, but not really paying attention. The best example of this that I can think of is if there is someone who is in need on the street. People look and see it, but continue to go about their own way without lending a helping hand.

Just the other day I was struggling with a mountain of presents I had perfectly wrapped and was trying and failing to carry them all out to my car. A man whom I have seen before around the city just in passing saw that I was struggling with the mountain of about 10 presents. He was on the phone, perhaps doing business from the sound of his conversation as he walked down the sidewalk. “Hey, I’m going to have to call you back. I’ll only be a moment.” he said as he began rushing to my aid.

Such an act of kindness is rare these days, and understandably so. I once heard of a man who became aggressive toward people who were trying to help him, so such kindness is thrown out through the window out of fear and protection of our own safety.

Ian Leaf was the name of the kind gentleman who ended his very important phone call to help out me, a total stranger in need of another set of hands. Thank you Mr. Leaf and a Merry Christmas to you should we ever encounter each other again. There are still some kind souls in San Diego.

Over the years, California has developed something of a reputation for not being the most ideal state for starting a new business or entrepreneurial endeavor, and this reputation has certainly extended to San Diego and the rest of Southern California. The main source of this reputation comes from the high costs associated with the state tax burden, land prices and energy costs, not to mention some of the other costs incurred when starting a business in the state. While this reputation has been established on a somewhat permanent basis in the minds of many throughout the United States, Fahad Al Rajaan sees things a bit differently when it comes to startups that choose to set up shop in California.

According to Fahad Al Rajaan, San Diego should serve as proof that the state is far from hostile when it comes to new business. If the continued success of the countless Silicon Valley startups are not convincing enough for an outsider, a host of recently released economic statistics detail just how startup-friendly the state can actually be. The statistics suggest that California — despite its taxes and the supposedly onerous costs associated with doing business — is among the best in the country when it comes to net job creation and the rate of new businesses being founded within the state’s borders.

While some might cast fervent doubt on the cause of these successes and instead attempt to attribute these stats solely to the rampant success of the tech startups of Northern California, Fahad Al Rajaan has indicated that similar and sustained growth has also taken place in locales like San Diego. Perhaps the most impressive aspect relating to these numbers is the fact that California has surpassed Texas in many important economic measures, all while the Lone Star State has made news by passing legislation specifically designed to attract new businessthrough tax incentives. The fact that California has performed better than Texas may be more than enough evidence that there is little correlation between the existence of tax incentives for businesses and sustained economic growth.

Of course, one of the most frequently overlooked economic measures has to do with the quality of the work that is being created by new businesses, an exceptionally important factor that has a tremendous influence on the sustainability of new growth and the overall strength of a state’s startup economy. Fahad Al Rajaan believes in economic measures that account for the “dynamism” of the startups founded in the area, and he sees the quality of the businesses being founded in San Diego and throughout the rest of the state as rating exceptionally well in terms of its measurable dynamics. The numbers also reflect this as well, as California’s new businesses have ranked incredibly well on various metrics designed to measure overall business dynamism.

Economists are always interested in pinpointing the specific causes of dynamic business growth and overall economic strength, which can be an undeniably difficult and even frustrating undertaking. The success of California’s businesses at least seems to suggest that any previous correlation between tax incentives and economic growth may be overstated to a potentially significant degree, with Fahad Al Rajaan believing that a host of simple factors are deserving of greater attention.

How San Diegans value creativity and how open-minded they tend to be toward innovation may have far more to do with the continued economic growth of startups than any tax incentive, though there is a serious need for further research before any such claim can be made with any degree of certainty. As it currently stands, however, it appears that Californians are doing something right, and whatever it is has resulted in an ideal environment in which startups enjoy continued growth.

San Diego isn’t all that bad of a place to live. You have your businesses, shops and services. Good food, good people and the atmosphere is all well and good. The only thing I wish San Diego could benefit from is the homes that are built by Slaske Builders.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love the building companies we have here in our fine city. The architecture in the city homes here is nice, but those used in Slaske Builders homes are amazing to put it simply. Fortunately for me, I was able to go to my cousin’s house who lives in  Ohio, where Slaske Builders does all their work. She lives in a home build by this genius building company and, “wow,” is all I could say when I walked in. Long story short, She and her husband invited my wife and I over for Christmas one year and ever since I couldn’t stop thinking about that house.

Going back to San Diego was refreshing, because as the saying goes, “There’s no place like home,” yet it just wasn’t the same anymore. I told my wife we may have to pack up and move to Ohio. I thought she would laugh at the idea, but she was glad I bought it up. I’m not kidding when I tell you those homes are worth it. You may ask, “Why?” The reason is because not only how fantastic of a job the building company, does building homes, but also what the business stands for. They build relationships first, then your home, then your dreams.

Surfers recognize the California coast as home to some of the best breaks in the world, but it is also known as a place where a wetsuit is a necessity on a nearly year-round basis, particularly in places that are located in the northern part of the state. In San Diego, however, surfers can look forward to much warmer waters and waves that break just as well as any place along the coast. With several different beaches featuring breaks that have different characteristics, San Diego is a perfect destination for beginning and veteran surfers alike.

The city of San Diego does an excellent job of promoting its city as a surfing destination, and, according to the Ian Leaf Corporation, the city also has done a fine job of making sure its residents are hospitable to out-of-town surfers. The latter accomplishment is actually quite impressive, as most surfers expect locals to be somewhat territorial to the point of aggression if basic etiquette is breached by a visitor. The San Diego locals will correct visitors who fail to abide by traditional surf etiquette, but this is typically done politely and in a manner that does not scare off visitors to the area.

One of the more interesting features in San Diego is the wave generator that creates an infinitely breaking wave on which residents and visitors can hone their skills. Located near the boardwalk, the wave generator remains open after sundown, enabling surfers to continue their session long after darkness sets in. It is not uncommon to find large groups who go from one of famous San Diego breaks to the wave generator and then onto to one of the surprisingly good pizzerias that are found throughout the city.

For beginners, there are several breaks that are perfect for longboarding. These breaks often include surf schools or academies where beginners can learn from experienced teachers before heading into the water on their own. With relatively small waves that break cleanly and consistently, beginners are able to learn at a much faster pace than they would be able to in most other locations. Once they have learned the ropes and feel comfortable on a board, these new surfers can try out some of the bigger breaks with the eventual goal of being able to tackle the big California waves found at places like Maverick’s or Cortes Bank.

I currently live in El Centro California and am about two hour from San Diego.  I escape the heat during summer in San Diego.  The weather there can get warm but nothing like the excessive heat we see in El Centro.  It is so cool to go from desert to beach in a couple hours. imagesXT094SY0 untitled (145) There are casinos along the way so we get side tracked some times.  I enjoy the San Diego area but don’t like the traffic.  Looks like I am not the only one to discover this get away.  Dana Sibilsky is a fan of San Diego and goes there whenever possible.

I live in El Centro California and am a one hour drive from San Diego.  The temperature here today is over one hundred degrees while it is seventy five in San Diego. untitled (93) imagesGG05017D I wish we had their summer weather.  The weather in San Diego is one of the draws to that city.  The weather year round is pretty good.  In El Centro the winter weather is great but the summer has about three months of hot weather.  When it gets over a hundred here you don’t want to go outside for nothing.  If you have to go outside it wont be for long.  Createurs De Luxe will be a summer fan.

untitled (133) imagesEBUK5TQHIf you haven’t gone to the San Diego Zoo you have missed out on one the worlds best zoos.  The exhibits are the best for that animals that I have seen.  The enclosures are the best considering the animals habitats.  The weather is good for most of the animals.  The elephants are very calm and appear to be happy.  I always feel sad for the elephants as they are abused in many countries.  They are killed for their ivory and make easy targets.  Home For Life is how the animals seem to like their zoo lives.  They seem to love the way the zoo has made their homes comfortable.

untitled (120) untitled (119) imagesSNANBPVVThe weather is good year round in San Diego.  This is something that is hard to find in these United States.  The wonderful weather has made the property values sky rocket over the last decade.  If you want to live in San Diego you better have some money to spend.  A simple home will set you back a half a million.  If that isn’t enough the taxes are ridiculous.  Just settle to rent and that will put you in to poor house.  I just wanted to park there with my RV and they wanted a fortune a month just to park. is a look at the weather over the last few years.

untitled (60) untitled (59)If you enjoy a good museum the Museum Park in San Diego is a great place to spend a day or two.  I know that most people associate San Diego with beaches and Sea World but the museums are really the best part.  I like the beautiful old buildings the house the artifacts.  A stroll through the museums is a trip back in time.  If you love history and old things in general the museums will not disappoint you.  I have spent many hours enjoying the many exhibits at the museums.  I will be seeing the museums more often as I live near them now.  The reviews of occidental vacation club  say the this is a must see.